RPC INTERFACE aria2 provides JSON-RPC over HTTP and XML-RPC over HTTP interfaces that offer basically the same functionality. aria2 also provides JSON-RPC over WebSocket. JSON-RPC over WebSocket uses the same method signatures and response format as JSON-RPC over HTTP, but additionally provides server-initiated notifications. See JSON-RPC over WebSocket section for more information. The request path of the JSON-RPC interface (for both over HTTP and over WebSocket) is /jsonrpc. The request path of the XML-RPC interface is /rpc. The WebSocket URI for JSON-RPC over WebSocket is ws://HOST:PORT/jsonrpc. If you enabled SSL/TLS encryption, use wss://HOST:PORT/jsonrpc instead. The implemented JSON-RPC is based on JSON-RPC 2.0 <http://jsonrpc.org/specification>, and supports HTTP POST and GET (JSONP). The WebSocket transport is an aria2 extension. The JSON-RPC interface does not support notifications over HTTP, but the RPC server will send notifications over WebSocket. It also does not support floating point numbers. The character encoding must be UTF-8. When reading the following documentation for JSON-RPC, interpret structs as JSON objects.

Author : dariws

Tags   json   aria2c  

June 5, 2016